• Gilbert Ecological Cleaning’s progressive environmental policy is not only demonstrated by the products we use. It is an integral part of the company business operation: Acting in the spirit of well being.
  • Committed to assisting our clients in lowering the environmental impact of their homes, offices and life choices, we have now forged three distinct services Ecological Cleaning, Ecological Products and Ecological Consulting.
  • Gilbert Ecological Cleaning was founded by one ambitious person who saw the need for a change in the ever growing need for a greener planet.Join us and be a part of the change you would like to see in the world.We offer quality services which enable us to build personal and long term relationships with our clients. With headquarters in Malmö, Sweden we take pride in offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Our mission is to contribute to a greener planet by offering healthy vegetable-based cleaning product alternatives.
  • We have since broadened our horizons by offering a more holistic approach. Presently we would like to bring this philosophy to our clients. Gilbert Ecological Cleaning strives for a greener and healthier living.
  • Gilbert Ecological Cleaning offers clients the possibility to discover health and wellness. We help our clients eliminate dangerous chemicals. It is our goal to lessen exposure of toxins in your most intimate spaces while simultaneously reducing impact on the environment.
  • It is our intention to make our services accessible and convenient for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.
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